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To Pat & Celeste and the rest of our wonderful Wesbrooke Family

Just a short note to thank all of you for your kindness, caring, and loving support for our mom, Margaret L.,  over the past 2 ½ years. Pat & Celeste, we are so thankful that mom had the privilege of living in the BEST residence with the MOST AMAZING staff. We were comforted to know that she was safe and cared for like family. She was treated with dignity and respect.

Your unwavering upbeat support, reassurance, and encouragement helped us cope with Covid restrictions and whatever else came along.

Please extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of your Wesbrooke Family. They truly made a remarkable difference, not only for mom but for us as well. We don’t know what we would have done without you. You will be forever in our hearts.

P, F M + K and grandkids June 1, 2022

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It is with very mixed feelings

That I leave The Wesbrooke as my stay here has been long (9 ½ years)& happy. However, I am looking forward to seeing more of my 2 sons & their families who have lived on Van. Island for some time. I can’t leave without thanking you both and all your staff for being so cheerful and helpful over the years and for all the meals that have been cooked and served by very pleasant people. My sincerest thanks to everyone again.

Thora May 10, 2022

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After 2 months here we want to compliment and thank

..the Management, staff, housekeeping and food services & servers for making our lives enjoyable!

Dawn and Mike M October 2, 2021

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Dear Pat and Celeste

Thank you for the excellent care you have provided during this very difficult

time of the pandemic. In spite of the many difficulties, you have encountered you and your staff have never failed to provide outstanding care and compassion to our mom. I have read your Mission Statement that is on your Lobby wall and it is comforting to know that every day you and your staff honour each of these guiding principles in an extraordinary manner. Thank you very much.

Frances and the L. Family October 1, 2021

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Thank you for all the care and attention

you gave Les and Dorothy during their days at The Wesbrooke. My favorite memory is of their 70th Anniversary shared with residents and staff. Only time I have seen Dad speechless.  Thank you!

Daphne August 1, 2021

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My mom Christine loved her life at Wesbrooke,

She lived well and loved all of you. I cannot thank you enough for that, but the love and support you’ve given me always and particularly through this last phase, it just means the world to me. Thank you!

I will always recommend the Wesbrooke family to all our friends

Irene xoxo June 1, 2021

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The family of Norma Jean would all like to extend a big thank you and appreciation to you both personally. We all know that the past fourteen months have been very difficult for everyone. You both have had to make some very difficult and unpopular decisions to keep your residents, staff and yourselves safe. Mom is healthy, safe and well cared for. She seems very happy and content, always smiling when I come for a visit. The interaction between her and the staff is lovely to watch. Myself, my brothers and all the rest of our family are grateful that Mom/Granny has had the great fortune of residing in such a wonderful facility/Home.
Thank you so much to ALL the Wesbrooke Family.

Mickey M. The Wesbrooke May 5, 2021

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To Pat, Celeste and all the wonderful staff at The Wesbrooke:

There are no words to express our gratitude for your kindness, understanding and genuine humanity since mom has become a resident. Wesbrooke, and all of you saved Beth’s life. You have no idea the comfort I feel knowing that mom is living at such a wonderful place.

Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart.

Christine and Beth W. July 29, 2020

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I appreciate all the measures you are doing to keep our loved ones safe

Pat and Celeste,

I wanted you, both, and your wonderful staff, to know how deeply I appreciate all the measures you are doing to keep our loved ones safe. These excruciating decisions we’ve all had to make in the last while is, well, just that, excruciating. I know you know all of that part.

What I really wanted to let you know was a little glimmer of feedback from a resident, in this case, my mom, Christine 305A, in the hopes that it gives you some peace and lets you know how much you are appreciated from inside the Wesbrooke as I understand they can’t just walk up to you either and just tell you themselves right now.

I talk to my mom every day on the phone at least three times. She is sounding in very good spirits, actually, taking it all in stride. I’ve explained the why and what’s going on in a simple way so as not to scare her, but she realizes how important it is and that it is all of us that are isolated from each other, not just her, and not just the Wesbrooke residents, but all senior complexes, everyone, and it’s to hopefully keep them safe.

She is very impressed with the food and the door service, and always tells me how nice the staff is. She describes the meals as “simple but always delicious.” She loves watching her sunsets and I can’t thank you enough for that beautiful huge window in her room. She’s knitting again, which she hasn’t done in a while.

So I just wanted you to know in the hopes that it lifts your day a little in what is a simply horrible time for everyone right now. I’m devastated that I can’t have her here with me but had to make decisions factoring in all of our family members, most of which are working in essential services. So we all do our best and have a huge cry when necessary, and then do our best some more, as I know are you.

I appreciate you so much, as does my mom. I needed you to know that.

March 24, 2020

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Mr and Mrs

Pat and Celeste, Just a few words of thanks. Antoinetta's last year was spent in a warm, safe, comforting environment which you both provide for the people that live in your place. Our only regret was that she wasn't healthier to enjoy more of the great activities you provide. Thank you again!

Jerry and Bonnie Madonna The Wesbrooke January 23, 2020

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Very Thankful

On behalf of the Jones, Leonard, and Shewchuck families, I am expressing our heartfelt thanks for the many wonderful years our father and grandfather, Harry Jones, spent living at the Wesbrooke. He and our mom, Phyllis Jones, moved in together a number of year ago, and the Wesbrooke truly became their home. Their time together was blessed in their lovely suite, and when it was time for our mom to go home to be with the Lord, the staff and residents were a blessing for our dad in that time of grief. Harry, our dad, is doing well, but he is now needing a higher level of care and will be moving to a new home. I am so concerned that I will miss out names, so please know that we wish to thank everyone who was a part of our dad's life at the Wesbrooke. At the front desk, we were always greeted warmly by Gwen, Kelly, or Michelle. Thank you so much. On Dad's floor, he was well looked after by Kamal, Rhona, MaryAnne, Ariz, Oey, and MaryLou. Thank you to George, who was always ready to lend a hand when something in Dad's place needed fixing, and thanks to Celeste and Pat for being so welcoming to their lovely home. Blessings on all of you. To anyone looking for a lovely place for family members seeking a home for their senior years, the Wesbrooke is a lovely place to set down some roots. Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts.

Lori Leonard Daughter of a resident Wesbrooke Seniors Home January 17, 2020

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To “The Wesbrooke”

We are so sad to have lost our mom this past week… It would have been so important to her, as it is to us, to thank you to you ALL for everything you have done for Mom over the years.
Almost 5 years ago our family was searching for an exceptional new residence for our Mom after she could no longer live on her own. When we first met Pat and Celeste and toured the Wesbrooke we knew we had found a special place. Thank you… we have been so grateful for your care and support and it was so VERY much appreciated.
Special thanks to Gwen, Kelly, Michelle and everyone at the front desk… Mom enjoyed interacting with you all. When our family would arrive for it was comforting to be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. You made us laugh, patiently listed to our concerns and shared some wonderful stories!
Thank you to Anita (and staff) for her energy and charm… and “encouraging” our Mom to participate in events… eventually realizing that only “music events” would bring her out of her room!
Thank you to Eva for doing Mom’s hair. She always had many compliments after it was done!
Thank you to Mary Lou for keeping Moms suite clean and tidy. Mom would always say “Mary Lou knew how to properly make a bed!”
Thank you to Larry for accommodating Moms special kitchen requests… She never got tired of potatoes!
And of course, HUGE HUGS and VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Kamal, Mary Anne, Aoy, Ariz, Rhona, Elma, Desideria, Jennica, Desiree, Jenny, Kathleen, and Casandra. YOU ARE AMAZING CAREGIVERS who hold a special place in our hearts!
Finally Pat and Celeste… thank you so much! Please continue to do what you are doing to make the Wesbrooke the exceptional place that it is. Our Mom, family and community of Pitt Meadows is so grateful to know you are here and that you provide such wonderful care for our seniors.
From a grateful family,

A Grateful Family January 16, 2019

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With sincere appreciation for your kindness and care.

Resident January 2, 2019

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Thank you for 4 years of love and friendships I have made while a resident at Wesbrooke. You will always be in my thoughts and miss all of you.

E. The Wesbrooke October 9, 2018

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Wesbrooke is a great place to live.

I'm thankful for my family and Wesbrooke and being alive to enjoy all of these things. Wesbrooke is a great place to live in! The staff are great and work very hard to help us enjoy our life.

Ken B. Pitt Meadows , BC October 18, 2017

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